Using sys.source() in .Rprofile causes Rstudio but not Rgui to crash

I have been using the following code in my .Rprofile startup file to load a bunch of user-defined functions into a separate environment (I know, I should get around to writing a proper package):

my.env <- new.env()
  sys.source("C:/Users/david/Dropbox/syncprofile.R", my.env)

This approach has been working fine for several years with many versions of R and Rstudio.
Since updating to R-3.6.0 it is giving a fatal error (see attached image files of screen grabs).

If I use Rgui there is no problem.
If I start RStudio without .Rprofile and then: source() the syncprofile.R file there are no errors; or run the contents of .Rprofile manually there are no errors.

I am using RStudio 1.2.1335 on Windows 10 version 1803 (64 bit).

R_RStudio_error R_RStudio_error_2

This bug only occurs with the combination of R-3.6.0 and RStudio-1.2.1335.

If I start RStudio while pressing the CTRL key and select an earlier version of R (3.5.3, 3.5.2) the startup completes without error.

Thanks for the bug report! This should be fixed in the latest preview release.

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