Using tidytuesdayR on RStudio Cloud - No Internet Connection was found

I am trying to use the {tidytuesdayR} package on RStudio Cloud. Specifically, I'm trying to download data for #tidytuesday.

However, I am running into a warning (that is indicating that no output is returned): "No Internet Connection was found"

#> --- WARNING --- 
#>   No Internet Connection was found -  Functions in {tidytuesdayR} that rely on an internet connection will only return NULL

tt_output <- tt_load_gh(last_tuesday())
#> Warning - No Internet Connectivity

Created on 2020-07-25 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

I checked, and this works fine locally (on my computer). Why is this causing a warning on RStudio Cloud?

Cross posted as an issue in the tidytuesdayR GitHub repo. Apparently there is a malformed URL used to check for connectivity that fails on but not elsewhere.

Yes, sorry for not linking this to that (I did link them in the other direction, but forgot to link out to that). I will close this as the maintainer is making a commit to the package!

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