Using tooltips with shiny module - getting a "Error in : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" error

The app I am working on is getting very complicated, so I am putting a lot of the code into modules.

My plots have tooltips which were working fine on the un-modularised version. However, now I am getting a "Error in : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" message.

I think it's the output$my_tooltip which is causing the error.

Here is the UI function for the plot,

# UI for plot
MA_sroc_plot_UI <- function(id)   {
  ns <- NS(id)   # namespace function
    plotOutput(outputId =  ns("plot"),
               click =  ns("plot_click")),
    uiOutput(outputId =  ns("my_tooltip"))

and below is the corresponding server-side function,

# Server function to generate and download plot
MA_sroc_plot_server <- function(id, 
                           draws) {
    function(input, output, session) {

    plot_object <- reactive({
                                 # code to produce ggplot here                          

      # Output ggplot object
      output$plot <- renderPlot({  plot_object() })
      # Download ggplot object 
      output$plot_download <- downloadHandler(
        filename = function(){
        content = function(file) { 
          {ggsave(file, plot_object())}
      # Make reactive dataset to display over plot 
      dataset <- reactive({
        X <- req(data())

      # values to display on plot
      vals <- renderPrint({
        click <- {input$plot_click}

        y <- nearPoints(df = dataset(), click , xvar = "FPR", yvar = "Sensitivity" )
        req(nrow(y) != 0)
     # tooltip
      output$my_tooltip <- renderUI({
        ns <- session$ns

        y <- nearPoints(df = dataset(), ns("plot_click") , xvar = "FPR", yvar = "Sensitivity" )
        req(nrow(y) != 0)



P.S., apologies for not posting a minimal reproducible example (MRE). I only recently came across modules a few days ago so I am assuming I am just missing something obvious. If at a glance there appears to be nothing wrong with he code I posted, I can produce an MRE if it is necessary.

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