UTF8 saving problem

My app saves data to a MySQL database as well as retrieving data from the db. The db is set up with utf8 character set for text variables and retrieving data returns special characters (like the Scandinavian letters) fine. However, when saving such characters from the app they are not stored correctly in the db. Error messages during the R session indicates a utf8 issue. My app uses the DBI, pool and dplyr libraries. Thanks in advance for any help. Kind regards Tore

Could you make a minimal REPRoducible EXample (reprex) about your issue?
Here is a very useful guide about how to make a reprex for a shiny app

Also, could you post the logs of your app to have a better understanding of what you're problem is?

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Looks like your strings are not being Encoded correctly either before output, or on-the-fly during the
output writing process.

Check your session options() and the following help pages (not run):

# ?Encoding
# ?write.csv (example of on-the-fly encoding)
# ?file

# This GitHub  page has a good discussion of the issues: