Validating/restricting objects loaded from an RData file

I'm laying out a Shiny app in which I want to allow users to up/download a restricted set of objects to an Rdata file.

Is there a standard way to validate it before loading the objects into the working environment?

If not, please consider the following:

loadValid<-function(file, envir = parent.frame(),objects=list(names=NA,pattern=".",validate=function() TRUE ), action="all" {     

#  names is a vector of the names of the desired objects (overrides pattern)
#  pattern is a regex to match the names of the desired objects
#  validate is a logical function to be applied to the objects, recycled to the length of names
# action= "all" - if all objects found and valid, "any","only" - no extraneous objects found


	proceed: if criteria met, assign desired objects to envir, return TRUE
		else return FALSE

Is this a reasonable approach?


save objects to file.Rdata
encrypt Rdata with private key
writeBin(Rdata, file.Rdata.crypt)
# give user public key to decrypt and use as he/she desires

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