Vanity URLs from rstudio connect?


Is there a way to programatically find which is the vanity URL for a given content (using its id)?

Thank you!

Hello @joseluizferreira! This is a fantastic question, thanks for reaching out!!

Do you mind sharing a bit about what you are trying to accomplish here? It would be helpful information for our team as we explore how users utilize our system!

In any case, there is a way to retrieve the "full URL" for a given piece of content, using its GUID (which is different from its ID). The GUID can be found in the "Info" pane for a given piece of content (at the bottom of the following picture). Is there a reason you are trying to use the ID?

You can see the "full URL" / url (which will include the vanity URL if defined) in the response object for GET Content here:

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