Vanity URLs with Connect via deployApp

I'm experimenting with the command line for deploying documents, e.g. deploySite(). Is it possible to specify a

  • vanity URL
  • permissions for the document

from the command line.


Could you clarify what you mean by vanity URL? Do you mean a different domain altogether? or a custom path under the domain used for accessing rstudio?

Which document are you trying to specify permissions for? the source or the deployed? Could you give an example of the sort of permissions you want to set?

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Vanity URLs

On the side panel of connect you can specify a vanity URL

Administrators can create a custom "vanity" url to access this site. Your custom URL will be appended to your domain to form the complete path to your site.

This would give you connect.server/my/vanity/url/


Access permissions of the deployed document.

Just for background on this feature

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Today it is only possible to change the vanity URL after deployment through the UI. We would like to support programmatic changes in the future and have added your vote to this item!


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