Vary plot output based on click event in another plot (renderPlotly)

Hi everyone,

I've scoured the internet for a straight answer to my, in my oppinion, simple question but none really worked.

I want to plots to be displayed in my shinyapp.
Plot 1: a 3d scatter plot (from plotly)
Plot 2: a plot based on a dataframe that was filtered by an attribute of a dot clicked in Plot 1

I want to click on a dot in plot 1which then induces the generation of plot 2.

The rough backbone of what I have so far:

ui <- fluidPage(
  titlePanel('Protein level analysis'),

      fileInput('protein_table', 'Select a protein table'),


server <- function(input, output) {
  protein_tab <- reactive({import_table_from_anywhere(input$protein_table$datapath, separator = ',', header = TRUE)})  # importing the table this way works with a self written, customized import function. This works

  output$scatter_3d <- renderPlotly({ # the first plot appears in my shiny app, no problem until here

    ploty = plot_ly(x = protein_tab()$column1,
                                   y = protein_tab()$column2,
                                   z = protein_tab()$column3,
                                   marker = list(size = 3),
                                   hovertext = paste0(protein_tab()$description, "<br>", protein_tab()$uniprot_id),
                                   source = "uniprot_id") %>%
                layout(scene = list(yaxis = list(title = "Column2", autorange = "reversed"),
                                    xaxis = list(title = "Column1"),
                                    zaxis = list(title = "Column3")),
                       height = 700) 
  output$selected_protein_details = renderPlot({
    filtered_protein_tab = filter(protein_tab(), ???????  ## I'd like to filter the imported table by the uniprot_id column of the data point I clicked

    plot2_table = function_to_wrangle_filtered_protein_tab(filtered_protein_tab)

    ggplot(plot2_table, mapping = aes(.........)) # the second output plot

# Run the app ----
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

I read a lot about event_data(), bindEvent(), using source = "xyz" in the plotly plot, and some more stuff but I just can't make sense of it. It seems like it should be a trivial thing to implement.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Here you can find a related answer.

Thanks for the link, it did help me quite a lot!

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