Version 1.1.456 is extremely slow on ubuntu LTS 18.04



I am using RStudio for years now, but with the newest version I am having performance issues:
If I make any click inside the Viewer (I don't have even to try to scroll) one CPU is immediately loaded by 100%, lasting for several seconds, slowing down every next movement inside RStudio, e.g. if I would like to type something in the console, or scrolling inside the Viewer. This is independent of the size of data set from the global environment.

I have the following setting:

platform x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
arch x86_64
os linux-gnu
system x86_64, linux-gnu
major 3
minor 5.1
year 2018
month 07
day 02
svn rev 74947
language R
version.string R version 3.5.1 (2018-07-02)
nickname Feather Spray

RStudio Version 1.1.456

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
Release: 18.04
Codename: bionic

Option 'index source files' turned off.

Any suggestions how to solve the issue except for downgrading? I haven't found anything on the Rstudio community pages so far.

Thank you!


I can share similar experience on 18.04. At home I have 17.10 and RStudio works great. At work I have 18.04 and specifically Git window is REALLY slow. I don't have CPU throttling, but it takes 2-3 seconds after I choose file in commit window for it to appear in the preview.

Not sure if that's part of the same problem.

R version and RStudio version is the same.



I had this slow-git-window problem in an other, earlier version of RStudio (1.0.xx?), but otherwise that RStudio was working very smoothly. In this version (1.1.456), I didn't even come to the point to test the git window (and I am using command line anyways) because the Viewer windows consumes all my CPU, so that there is no point in working with this RStudio at the moment.

Is there anyone who has any suggestion how to tackle down, what causes this high CPU consumption if using the Viewer window?



Is the situation any better in the preview release of RStudio?


I have down-graded now on 1.0.153 because I needed a working RStudio asap. Along with it the libgstreamer had to be downgraded, too, and with this setting - old RStudio, old libgstreamer - everything works perfectly. Nothing else has changed on the software side, so its either the libgstreamer, the RStudio >1.0.153 or the combination of it.

As soon as our admin has a little time left we will try the newest release, as you suggested.


Good news and bad news :slight_smile:

Good news is that Git window works great. Another thing that was fixed that I didn't mention is flickering scroll bar in code editor. I have "Allow scroll past end of document" enabled and in previous version scroll bar was going crazy whenever I did scroll past it. Now it works.

Bad news is that now scaling is broken. On big monitor I need to zoom in to see the text in code editor, but menu text is extremely small (and it doesn't change with zooming in/out). However, on my laptop monitor text in code editor is large and I need to zoom out to actually see anything. Menu text is fine though.

So you win some, you lose some :slight_smile:. I'll stick with preview for now. I can live with small/big text, but git window slowness was a real flow killer.


Do you have global UI scaling turned up? If menus are small, that would be a property of the default styling for the system themes. Do you see small menus for other applications?

The ultimate truth here is that handling of high DPI displays is a quagmire on Linux and Windows, and is even more of a mess when you bring multiple, mixed-DPI displays into the mix. At least for me, when I use GNOME 3 and attempt to set 200% scaling on my high DPI display, most applications have their UI elements inconsistently sized. That is, it's not an issue unique to RStudio.


I've checked with Slack, Firefox, DataGrip, Sublime Text and Thunderbird and they all have correct size for menus on both monitors. So, not sure if there is anything wrong with RStudio or there is something else at play.
But like I've said, it's a minor issue compared to git slowness, so I'll be sticking with 1.2 preview version.