Version control and signatures on Rmarkdown / Bookdown

Hello community.

I am exploring the use of Bookdown from RMarkdown. One of the uses I want to give it is to generate technical reports under an ISO quality system (ISO17043), and for this there are 2 key elements that must have the documents (which I currently handle with Word): (i) version control (in case there are corrections or updates to the report) and (ii) signatures of who prepares, reviews and approves the report.

Currently the signatures are done manually on a piece of paper, scanned and pasted into the rest of the report, or we copy and paste the signatures that are in an image (jpg, generally).

I appreciate your help with this.


In bookdown typically you handle this by putting the source documents in a git repository (often GitHub).

Regarding signatures, images are easily included in a bookdown document. If that is the current method you use, you could continue doing so, I would think.

Hope that helps.

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