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I read the below article and it is very interesting. But in that it says below. So want to know currently can we test shiny application automatically. ? Not sure when the article was published?

The section about integration with RStudio Connect is actually misleading. There is an open PR to remove it:

However, the rest of this article still applies, i.e. you can use Travis CI or similar services to test Shiny apps using shinytest. Do you have any concrete questions with respect to that?

Great thanks for the inputs.

I have few questions. I run recordtest locally and test applications. Is there a way to automate testing shiny applications once we deploy in RStudio connect server??

Know what Iā€™m saying? Let me know if I have explain in detail.

Happy to explain :blush:

Normally one would test the app before deploying to Connect. Two commonly seen patterns:

  1. The code lives in a git repository. All changes are handled via feature branches and corresponding pull requests. There is a CI pipeline active for the pull requests which includes shinytest. When a PR is merged, creating a new commit in the master branch, the new version of the app is deployed to Connect using git-based-deployment.

  2. The code lives in VCS. New commits trigger a CI pipeline which includes shinytest. If all tests are successful (+ maybe further conditions), the app is programmatically deployed, c.f.

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