vertical alignment of `gt` cell contents

I'm trying to create a gt table and I see that I can control the left/center/right alignment of cell contents with cols_align. Is there any way to control the vertical alignment? I have a column with long wrapping text and I'd like to have the shorter column be aligned with the top. Ideas?

What I have looks like the following... but I want the index to be at the top of each cell:


df <- data.frame(index=c("I want this","at the top","of each cell"), 
           text = sapply(rep(1,3),stri_rand_lipsum))
df %>% gt()



I want this

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at the top

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of each cell

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Created on 2019-02-05 by the reprex package (v0.2.1)

I can't find the gt package on CRAN. Where's it from?

it's not yet on CRAN:

You can pass the css attribute of vertical-align:top to your table using tab_style:

df %>% gt() %>% 
    style = "vertical-align:top",
    locations = cells_data(
      columns = vars(index)

thanks Josh. I was hoping it was something straight forward like that.

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