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I am trying RStudio Cloud to see if I can use it in class. I can see the pros of it but there is a huge cons that I am experimenting for the last two days, it is very slow. I do not mean the calculations but the reaction to typing something in the console or moving the cursor from the console to the document (maybe 10-15 seconds). I had this problem in two different machines connected to two different networks (one wifi and one cable) and in two different days. So, it must be my project ( Is this normal? If so, I won't be able to use it in class where time management is essential. Thanks for your help.

That is definitely not normal behavior, I would still suspect about your internet connection, I have experienced a similar situation with RStudio Server hosted on AWS and it is definitely because of bandwidth restrictions imposed by the Internet Service Provider on peak hours (so the can favor streaming services).

Thank you for your answer. It started working badly yesterday at my home and as you suggest, I thought it was my Internet Provider.However, I don't think that is because it is also doing the same at my university computer with a LAN connection. I really think it is my RStudio Cloud project.

While you wait for RStudio people to chime in, you could try relaunching your project, just remember to save all changes before doing it.



Is it a single project experiencing this problem, or do you have multiple projects that are affected?


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