View pandas dataframe in rstudio ?


I want to know if it's possible to view the pandas dataframe in rstudio ?
Something similar to View(df) in R

Thank you

While it's not possible to view the Pandas DataFrame directly, you could convert it to an R data.frame with reticulate and then view that -- would that suffice for your use?

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Thanks, this is one possible solution but can we view a dataframe without convert it to R data.frame or not yet ?

Sorry, but no, you can not.

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Kevin is totally correct. But I think you might be misunderstanding how easy conversion is. Take this R Markdown Example:

If we have this chunk with Python code:

import pandas as pd
DF = pd.DataFrame({'x' : [1., 2., 3., 4.],
                   'y' : [4., 3., 2., 1.]})


We can view (with an implicit convert) by simply doing this:


Which pops up in the IDE very nicely:


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