View table (up to 1,000 records) does not work properly in RStudio Server

Hello RStudio,

we are facing issue with RStudio Server and View button for Database.
Currently we are using:

  • the latest possible version of RStudio Server (Version 1.4.1106)
  • R 4.0.4.

I am able to establish a stable connection to the database. However, this database is quite large (more than 22GiB of data records). When I want to display the top 100 or top 1000, RStudio offers Display table (up to 1000 records). And other people would also like to connect and use the same database.


But the database instance is running another query (SELECT * FROM ...) and that query kill the database instance.


Is there any configuration to disable or change this View button ?
Is there any way to configure this query correctly ?

Thank you

Any updates on this topics ?

If I understand correctly, this is not a bug, but a "feature" of rstudio. Load all data into memory and then display the first 1000 rows ?

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