viewing LaTeX table in R?


I've been using the fixest package to run regression models with fixed effects. The package includes etable() which will display the table in a nice readable format but doesn't look good enough to put into an article. It also offers the option to use the tex argument which will return something like

\caption{Virginia Metro Counties}
Dependent Variable:&emp\_growth\_rate\\
\emph{Variables}&  \\
\emph{Fixed-effects}&  \\
cluster & Yes\\
county\_id & Yes\\
\emph{Fit statistics}&  \\
Observations & 1,105\\
R$^2$ & 0.24945\\
Within R$^2$ & 0.00125\\
\multicolumn{2}{l}{\emph{cluster standard-errors in parentheses}}\\
\multicolumn{2}{l}{\emph{Signif. Codes: ***: 0.01, **: 0.05, *: 0.1}}\\

Is there any way to easily display this as a table without installing LaTeX?

Thank you!

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