virtualenv_install packages spacy killed in RStudio Cloud

I tried using virtualenv_install() to install the spaCy package. But it stops with the error message "Killed".

Any advice how to fix this? Thanks.

At a guess you are exceeding the current memory limit of 1 GB. I am not certain why installation of lots of Python packages would cause that.

You could try installing some of those packages individually and see if that gets you past the error.

Hello thanks for the reply, I already tried to install those packages individually, but still I get the same error.

It is definitely running out of memory installing just spacy.

After the initial failure, I was able to work around this by going to the Terminal, activating the reticulate virtualenv, and installing spacy from the source wheel:

$ . r-reticulate/bin/activate
$ pip install --verbose spacy --no-cache-dir --no-binary=:all:
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Thank you. It works now....

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