visual markdown editing mode

RStudio v1.4 includes a new visual markdown editing mode. However, I have some trouble with this new feature.

  • The max-width is fixed in visual markdown editing, could we set it auto fitting?
  • User-defined CSS file works well when I click the "knit" button; however it seems that it doesn't work in visual markdown editing.

Is there any way to do customized setting for the default CSS used by the visual markdown editing?

You can set the max editor content width here: If you set it to a very large number it's effectively auto-fitting.

We don't currently apply an CSS to the editor (we can't do this carte-blanche as some CSS would actually interfere w/ editing). In the future we'll provide some hooks for formats to provide editor CSS.

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Thank you, JJ. That's very helpful. Hope we can customize format (at least font-family)in the next Rstudio release.

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