WDI code for World bank not working?

I have been using this code for the past 1 week and just suddenly today it stopped working. I am unsure if this is a WDI package issue or Worldbank itself. Internet users can no longer be found on the web (under indicator) unless access directly (https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IT.NET.USER.ZS).

  rename (internet.user = "IT.NET.USER.ZS",
          secure.internet = "IT.NET.SECR.P6",
          population.15.64 = "SP.POP.1564.TO.ZS",
          access.electricity = "EG.ELC.ACCS.ZS",
          fixed.broadband = "IT.NET.BBND.P2",
          govt.effectiveness = "GE.PER.RNK",
          regulatory.quality = "RQ.PER.RNK",
          countries = "country") %>%
  group_by(countries) %>%                         
  mutate(sum.secure.internet = sum(secure.internet)) %>% 
  filter(!iso2c %in% c("1A","1W","4E","7E","8S","B8", "CF", "EU","F1","JG","OE", "S1","S2", "S3", "S4","T2", "T3", "T4","T5", "T6","T7","V1","V2", "V3","V4","XC",
                       "XD", "XE", "XF","XG","XH","XI","XJ","XL","XM", "XN","XO","XP","XQ", "XT","XU","XY", "Z4","Z7","ZF","ZG","ZJ","ZQ","ZT"))

These indicators could not be downloaded: IT.NET.USER.ZS, IT.NET.SECR.P6, SP.POP.1564.TO.ZS, EG.ELC.ACCS.ZS, IT.NET.BBND.P2
Error: Can't rename columns that don't exist.
x Column `IT.NET.USER.ZS` doesn't exist.

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