Web Scraping Article Titles


I'm trying to do some low level web scraping and could use a little help. I'm trying to pull in the article titles from www.insurancejournal.com home page. I found the articles are store in the class "article-list".
When I run my code it pulls all the articles into one block of text like the OUTPUT at the bottom.

How can I 1. Separate the articles to show something like
How corona virus is changing claims, risks, work, habits, supply chains and more
Progressive CEO says move into life insurance possible: more to come

  1. Can I create a block of code, that once I have a list of article like above. I can feed in key words and only show that article with that key word in the title?

For example some thing like keyword <- c("Progressive") and that will only kick back the article that mentions progressive in the name?

Thanks in advance!

insurance_journal <- read_html("https://www.insurancejournal.com")

articles <- insurance_journal %>%

[1] "How Coronavirus Is Changing Claims, Risks, Work, Habits, Supply Chains and MoreProgressive CEO Says Move Into Life Insurance Possible: ‘More to Come’AXIS Insurance Adds 4 Senior Underwriters to Management Liability TeamAllstate to Cut 3,800 Jobs as Latest Step in Multi-Year Growth PlanPersonal Lines Insurtech Root Files IPO Proposal with SECAn Insurance Lyft: CSAA Forms Rideshare Carrier; Allstate, Liberty Mutual Offer Coverage"

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