Webshot a locally rendered RMD as HTML after running some javascript changes to image.


Capture the javascript changes to plot made with DiagrammeR into word.

Current Attempt

Try to use webshot to take first render image in an html and capture a screenshot of the image as a png .

  1. Run the markdown code below.
  2. Run webshot with delay to try and allow javascript to process, but it looks like it is not triggered.

webshot::webshot("ex.html", delay = 0.2)

This always captures the image before the javascript renders.


I am automating a report and when the output is html it works fine, but when its word I'd like to capture and insert a png from the html. I am using DiagrammeR to create some vertical text, but since this is not supported directly in the package I'm using some code I found in PRISMA2020 that rotates the text using javascript. This works great for HTML, but when I want to render a report in word this can't be captured.

I had the thought to screenshot the image using webshot, but it doesn't capture the javascript changes.
Anyone know how to get webshot to reflect the javascript changes of a local html file?

Image when opening HTML

Image in webshot


Note that all blocks end with #``` below.

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```{r, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

formatBox <- sprintf(
node [shape = box]

boxes <-
identification[label= rotateMe]

str <- 
  paste0("digraph prisma {graph[layout=neato]\n",

plot <- 
  str %>% 

text <- 'Rotated' 

  javascript <- htmltools::HTML(paste0("\n
                                       const nodeMap = new Map([
                                       [\"node1\",\"",  text, "\"]]);\n
                                       for (const [node, label] of nodeMap){\n
                                       var theDiv = document.getElementById(node);\n
                                       var theText = theDiv.querySelector(\"text\");\n
                                       var attrX = theText.getAttribute(\"x\");\n
                                       var attrY = theText.getAttribute(\"y\");\n
                                       theText.setAttribute(\"style\",\"transform: rotate(-90deg);\")\n
                                       theText.setAttribute(\"dominant-baseline\", \"middle\")\n
                                       theText.innerHTML = label;\n
                                       }\n    "))
  plot <- htmlwidgets::appendContent(plot, htmlwidgets::onStaticRenderComplete(javascript))


## Rotated Plot



Maybe you could try printing using chrome and not phamtomjs (used by webshot ?)

Several packages / functions can help you with that.

  • pagedown::chrome_print() may have some arguments that allow you to select the part of the HTML you need
  • crrri is a wrapper around the devtool protocol. It is low level but you can control the chrome browser from R. Not easy to use and requires to read some docs about non R thing too. https://github.com/RLesur/crrri/
  • chromote is the same and in dev (https://github.com/rstudio/chromote) just another api
  • webshot2 will replace webshot, and uses chromote. Maybe it will work better ? Still experimental also https://github.com/rstudio/webshot2

Hope this helps

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