Week 5 cannot find ggplot_hook.R

In Week 5 of the Google Analytics course, the Code Chunks video refers to a file called ggplot_hook.R - it should show in the file panel but it doesn't in mine. Mine has the other files, so I know I'm in the right place. Did I miss something or were there instructions on how to upload this file before? Thanks.

The course is not offered by RStudio and it has nothing to do with the RStudio Cloud platform so I think you would have much better luck finding help with this if you ask in your course's forum.

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You're right. I wasn't finding the right forum for this. Just found it! Thanks.

Hi there,

I too cannot find the ggplot_hook.R in the file pane. I read the reply and understand that this isn't the correct forum to answer this question. Might I ask where did you go to get help with this? (I'm doing coursera google analytics and am stuck in course 7) Thanks!

I think the best place to ask this sort of thing is the course's own forum, each course on Coursera has its own forum.