Weighted summary statistics

I have a general question about obtaining weighted summary statistics using R. I have used Stata in the past, and I could do the following in Stata:

summarize variable_list [aw=weight_variable]

This gives a table of summary statistics for variables in variable_list, with weight_variable used as the analytic weight (aw). This is pretty fast and convenient. My question is whether there is a similar function in R. I have tried to use the survey::svydesign and gtsummary::tbl_svysummary functions (as in here Create a table of summary statistics from a survey object — tbl_svysummary • gtsummary) but haven't been able to produce the desired output. One problem is doing so somehow increased memory usage by A LOT and the process would just stop on its own. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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