What book can you recommend for text mining classification techniques?



Hi guys,

I'm looking for something written in a similar format as the famous Applied Predictive Modelling by Max Kuhn that would tackle topics such as:

  1. Creating document-term matrices, or DTMsm
  2. Creating term-co-occurrence matrices, or TCMs
  3. Creating GloVe word vectors from TCMs
  4. Creating a Word-Mover's-Distance model from GloVe vectors
  5. Applying Word-Mover's-Distance model to a pair of DTMs

I would like to wrap my ahead around the text2vec package but I feel I lack enough knowledge on building text mining classification models. Thanks!


I'm not sure whether this would help or if it's too basic for your requirements:


Thanks for your reply! I know this book already quite well and as the author suggests in the preface - it doesn't cover those topics that I asked about in such details as I would like.