What causes the severe slowdown in newer RStudio versions?

For a while now I had the impression that my RStudio installation had gotten slower and slower.

Today, after installing the newest version (2023-09.0-463), I got the following:

  • ca. 25s to start RStudio (not loading any previous project)
  • ca. 20s to restart the R-session (from an empty session)

For comparison, I then installed the oldest version I could find (2021.09.1-372), which resulted in:

  • ca. 3s startup
  • ca. 3s restart

Looking at the request log, it seems that during startup "set_user_state" and during session restart "get_environment_state" and "set_client_state" are to blame.

But why? What is causing this enormous difference? As it is now, the newer R-studio versions are basically unusable for me.

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