What CSS clases are defined for/with Quarto

I see in the Quarto documentation that there are classes defined (e.g., .unnumbered and .unlisted). Is there a document that has all the classes? I am used to Xaringan and I am wondering if there is a rich set of classes already created or if I need to port all my .css files into every project.

These are specific feature from Pandoc (Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide) which are more than CSS classes.

Some classes on divs won't even translate directly to a CSS class, like the colum feature

There is not full list of all classes on Divs that works built in, but everything feature that use some is documented.

However, regarding theming as you mention CSS and xaringan theme, there is a list of all SASS variables supported to quickly customize a revealjs theme Quarto - Reveal Themes

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