What, exactly, is "Home Directory", and how do I redefine it?

Just starting with Rstudio, so please be patient with my questions. It opens to what it calls "Home Directory" -- but that cannot be! Cannot be a real directory on my Windows 10. I've looked high and low and cannot find a directory (on my pc, not the strange thing that appears in Rstudio) that contains the files/folders in Rstudio's arbitrarily constructed "Home Directory". I want "Home" to be a Real directory -- one I've created on my C: drive. One with a name I've given it (not "Home Directory"), and with the files and subdirectories I've put there. And only those. One which opens when I open Rstudio.
How can I make that happen?

Home directory is a concept of your operating system, and not an invention of Rstudio IDE

setwd() will get you part of what you want.

I think what you actually want to change is the "Default working directory", which defaults to the "Home Directory" set by your operating system. You can change that in "Global Options -> General"

Also, you might want to look into using "Projects" for your workflow.


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