what happen to result of numeric index

during i make the squared table i n R-Studio
i have a question.
Until result of no.36 is just number
At result of no.37 is numeric index (2 ^ 37 = 1.37439e11)
but result of no.38, 39 is just number and since result of no.40 is expresied by numeric index.

anyone know this reason
plz tell me

you can look at the code that implements decision on when to switch between fixed and scientific notation here : r-source/format.c at a28e609e72ed7c47f6ddfbb86c85279a0750f0b7 · SurajGupta/r-source (github.com)

try rerunning your code with first setting
and then again with
options(scipen= 1)

and see the difference

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