What is a reasonable file size to accompany a Shiny app?

I've looked through the documentation, and I can't find anywhere a limit on disk usage. I am planning an application that will use some largeish files and need to know how much file storage with an application is considered okay, and how much is too much.

The short answer is that on the two lower tiers, you are limited to 1GB for data, programs and packages.

But to trim your quote down to the minimum, you have the option to import your data from somewhere else in the cloud with this bit of code, which uses AWS S3, but not mandatory:

con <- url("https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/dslabs.nostromo/eda.Rda")

Github LFS, Google Drive, Dreamhost are other alternatives. I like S3, because I'm still in the free tier for S3 and it's darned fast.

Just to clarify, the previous answer is assuming that you are deploying your apps on shinyapps.io, if you are deploying in your own server, then the reasonable file size depends on the computational resources you have available.


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