What is the background color of the default sidebar in bslib?

what is the color of this --_sidebar-bg: var(--bslib-sidebar-bg, rgba(var(--bs-emphasis-color-rgb, 0, 0, 0), 0.05));

from the inspect tool I can remove the color by removing --_sidebar-bg, from there I'm given a number of sass vars for the color. When I view source in both shiny-sass and bslib-compenent-css I'm not able to find the actual color just more sass vars... so what is it / how can I find it?

I found it, reactable library uses the same color as the default hover / highlight color it's #f2f2f2.

Any idea how I can take apart sass variables and find the true color or base color + whatever rgba would still be helpful... though maybe I can read more about that elsewhere.

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