What is the best way to build a website for science and data communication using rmarkdown?

Hi everyone,

Recently I started building a website with the objective of describing and teaching explorative data analysis and machine learning modelling (using tidymodels).

I have started my website using distill from rmarkdown and have considered to use blogdown but I really dont seems to find the right solution for my objective.. Can you share some information on how you would approach my issue and what tools would be best for building what I need on my website, please?

I would like to have something like this blog on Convolutional LSTM for spatial forecasting, and torch, tidymodels, and high-energy physics and An introduction to weather forecasting with deep learning by Sigrid Keydana or this page on Simple audio classification with torch by Athos Damiani. All distill sites that include some code, data and a number of visualisations. It does not have to be like a Shiny App or what we can do with learnr but more like these science communication kinda websites/blogs that are on RStudio’s AI Blogs.

I am open for any suggesting from the RStudio Community!

**My questions are **

  • Does the distill package run and render all the R code under the hood while users view the website pages?
  • How can I build a website that loads/runs faster but still include some code chunks (e.g. tidymodels machine learning analysis), visualisations and data materials?
  • The main idea is that the users can copy-paste the R code chunks into their own Rmarkdown on their personal computer. Is that meaningful? Or should I find a totally different approach? With R code chunks I am thinking something like Andrew Couch's tidymodels examples. These are fairly small.. But still takes a long time to render.

When I push my changes to the GitHub I also happen to get this message: This diff is extremely large and may cause RStudio to slow down or even hang.. What can I do about this? Less data? use eval=FALSE? or something else?

Anyone has experience in running #R code for some heavy data analysis in one #rmarkdown file and showing it in another rmarkdown with #Destill output, destined for a website? – all to reduce the size of the GitHub repo that is published via @Netlify

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