what is tibble?

I saw the following on one of your posts and other places. What is tibble? Is this the syntax and is the syntax always look like the following?

hexdf <- tibble::tribble(
~1, ~2, ~3,
"1A", "15", "18",
"16", "1F", "13",
"1D", "19", "1B"

A tibble is an improved version of a data.frame. You can read about them here:

You do not have to worry about the differences most of the time. They are usually made by reading in data from a file or a data base, rather than entering the data manually as in your example.

You see the function above (which is actually tribble, since it's transposing a tibble) a lot here in community since it's a visually friendly way of pasting in some example data to make a data frame/tibble. At least when I do this, it's usually by way of the datapasta package (I have a little blog post, below, explaining how to use datapasta with reprex to make minimal examples)

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