what package do I have to download to get a Quantile-Quantile graph?

Type Respiratory Rate
C 20
C 21
M 20
M 18
N 17
N 16
C 19
C 17
M 17
M 19
N 23
N 18
C 16
C 19
M 20
M 21
N 20
N 20

You can do it with the ggplot2 package.

Note: Please share your sample data this way instead of pasting a table in your post

library(tidyverse, quietly = TRUE)

data <- tibble::tribble(
    ~Type, ~Respiratory.Rate,
    "C",                20,
    "C",                21,
    "M",                20,
    "M",                18,
    "N",                17,
    "N",                16,
    "C",                19,
    "C",                17,
    "M",                17,
    "M",                19,
    "N",                23,
    "N",                18,
    "C",                16,
    "C",                19,
    "M",                20,
    "M",                21,
    "N",                20,
    "N",                20
data %>%
    ggplot(aes(sample = Respiratory.Rate)) + 
    geom_qq() +


Hi Lucy, as andresrcs suggested in another thread, it's really helpful for you to ask these questions as a (reprex FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?).

This makes it much easier for people to take your issue and set-up and reply with a solution (improving the chances of getting quality help), and makes this thread much more useful to people in the future.

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Just for completeness, with base R:


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