What R package/code can I use to calculate multiple p-values for a single variable

I have one variable of continuous data and would like to find a optimal cut-off point for diagnosis a disease. sample dataset below:

ID	marker
1	23
2	40
3	55
4	25
5	32
6	56
7	70
8	19
9	38
10	36

I am trying to apply the minimum p-value approach (that is introduced here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8182763/ ) to select this optimal cut-off point (without the use of outcome data).

The method is described as splitting the data into two and calculating the p-value, then repeating this for different splitting points until the lowest p-value is found (this will be corrected for increase in type 1 error later on). The challenge I have is I can't seem to find any package or appropriate code for R that can be used to generate these multiple p-values and would appreciate any suggestions on this.

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