What statistical test would I use for this experiment?

Hi there, I'm sorry I'm still very new to this platform, R and coding in general. I have a question that's not really related to coding at all, but statistical testing.

I have two groups of organisms, all of the same species but from two different habitats, labelled "group 1" and "group 2" as well as a control group for both habitats "c1" and "c2." All organisms are female. I have a separate group of males.

I would like to see if dietary vitamin C levels effect the number of eggs produced by the females, so I have set up a hypothetical experiment as follows:
The control group is given food containing maximum Vitamin C. Individuals in group 1 and 2 are started off with food containing little Vitamin C, allowed to breed and the number of eggs recorded. They are then placed on a diet containing moderate Vitamin C, allowed to breed again and the number of eggs recorded. This is then done once more with an even higher dosage of Vitamin C.

I am quite clueless when it comes to statistical tests; I am not sure how many factors this experiment would be, I thought perhaps 2 (level of Vitamin C and habitat type). I assume it has three levels (little Vit C, moderate and high levels). And also then which statistical test I would use to check significance. I have been suggested to use some type of ANOVA, but unsure which.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!