whatRshiny - Shiny Jeopardy! - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

whatRshiny - Shiny Jeopardy!

Authors: Tyler Bradley
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: The whatRshiny R package ships a single function named play_jeopardy. This function launches a self contained shiny application that will allow users to replay a real Jeopardy game that previously aired! This app utilizes the whatr R package created by @kiernan to retrieve full game information to let the user play real games!

Full Description: WHAT IS.... SHINY JEOPARDY!

When the app first loads, you will see a custom loading screen while a random game is being loaded. Once the game is loaded, the loading screen text will change to signify the start of the game in the classic Jeopardy! intro "This. Is. Jeopardy!"


The board will then load showing you the categories and the clue values for the first round. You can click on any clue you would like a modal will pop up showing you the question and two button options. The user either has the option to "Stay Silent" (s) or "Buzz In" (b). If the user decides to "Stay Silent" then the answer will be shown and no points will be awarded or deducted from your score. If the user decides to "Buzz In" then a text input will appear with a "Submit Answer" button (Enter). If the user submits the correct answer they will get the value of the question added to their score. If it is incorrect then they will get it deducted.


Correct answers are determined one of two ways. If the answer is detected as a substring of the correct answer (i.e. you only provide the last name) or if the given answer is within three character differences of the correct answer. Admittedly, this is not a perfect system, so if there are any suggestions, I am open to them! Also, answers a case insensitive!

Once the user has answered 15 questions, a modal will appear asking them to tell the game a little bit about themselves (just like on the live show!)


If the user selects a daily double, they will first be asked to make their wager before being shown the question


Once all of the first round questions are answered, the board will reset showing the second round of questions!

Once the player has made it through both rounds, the board will disappear and a single category will be shown for final jeopardy. The player can click on the category to make their final wager and to try their best to answer the question!


Category: Other
Keywords: jeopardy, game show, game simulation
Shiny app: https://tbradley.shinyapps.io/whatRshiny/
Repo: https://github.com/tbradley1013/whatRshiny
RStudio Cloud: https://rstudio.cloud/project/1026786


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