What's the maximum storage capacity for basic plans and over.

I know that Free and Starter plans storage it's only 1GB. But what about the other plans? I may require to store up to 80 GB of data. Is it recommended to load it into Shnyapps.io?

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Welcome to RStudio Community @marinalopez2110,

According to Shinyapps documentation maximum upload limit is 8 Gb.

The bundle size that can be uploaded is limited to 1 GB for the Free and Starter plans, and up to 8 GB for the Basic, Standard and Professional plans.

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Even if you could upload 80GB of data, you couldn't load it all into memory at once, so there is no benefit on it, an alternative approach would be to store your data on a separate cloud storage server and load into memory from there as needed.
If you could provide a little bit of context we could give you better advice.

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Thank you both for your answer!
I'm working in this app https://marina-lopez.shinyapps.io/Carteinteractive/
Every region is a geojson file that goes frome 10 K to 200MB according to the size of the region.
So far I have done 2 variables with 218 regions and is 1GB every region. I have to do 8 regions total *17 time seasons. That is 8GB * 17 = 136 GB actually!!
So, I guess my best bet is remote storage. Hope that will not be super slow.

seems like an interesting and ambitious project !
shinyapps.io does list some ideas on permanent storage options, might make a useful read:

I'm sure I don't have a good understanding of your requirements, but you might struggle to have very large in memory objects at once in the app. It may be that you have to limit your users to process no more than a certain volume based on the shiny app constraints. Though I think if thats the case, you would benefit from preprocessing your data so that its in roughly evenly sized chunks, to help you with predictability of performance etc.