Where is the function menu in RStudio?

As I was editing a function, I wanted a way to keep jumping back to the opening definition somehow without having to arrow or mouse around. Googling around, I found this article on navigating RStudio.

You can also use the function menu to quickly jump to functions by name.

I could not find this menu, nor was it defined in that article. Searching the page yield 3 uses of the phrase "function menu", but they just continue to refer to it, not what it is/where to find it.

When I google "Rstudio function menu" I don't get anything obvious other than some uses of the phrase, just like the doc quote above.

I'm coming from mostly linux/emacs+org-mode and am familiar with RStudio on a basic level, but trying to give it a shot since I recently had to shift to windows due to the corporate IT environment. I'm thinking the answer to this will be stupid simple, but... I'm not finding it, probably due to my unfamiliarity.

Thanks for the assistance.

I did not use this before I saw your topic. But ...
Maybe the article writer just means the window that is popped-up when you use the 'search' window. I searched for 'x' and get a menu with functions that have the letter 'x' in their name:

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If the question is about navigating up and down on a single long script, perhaps one with multiple function definitions, then it may be useful to know about the 'outline'; if you are active in a source pane the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+o will bring up the outline view of that source pane; function names are added to the outline and clicking on them there will move you around; also comments that are ending with 4 hash symbols (####) will also appear in the outline view


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