Where should i do my case study in Rstudio? Should i do it in Rmarkdown? please help

Please help, where should i do my case study in R

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You really need to tell us much more about what the case study is about and what final project outputs are to be. It does not have to be too detailed but enough to give us a rough idea of what you are doing.

You probably want to create an R project folder (File -> New Project) that will give you a self-contained work environment that will let do all sorts of things and then end up with a Rmarkdown or Quarto document (new version of an Rmarddown document) presenting your case study.

I have yet to see a simple, beginner's level explanation of why one wants to use a project approach but is is about as good as it gets.
RStudio Projects and Working Directories: A Beginner's Guide

Much of this will be gibberish if you are brand new to R but it is very useful. Basically, in terms of your question, the answer is that an Rmarkdown document may be the best final tool in the tools you need but there is a lot to do before you get there.

Just for general interest, you may find this useful in the future: FAQ Asking Questions

Thank you for your reply, i am working on Google Data Analytics Case Study 2. Doing it on Rnotebook already. How will i add a graph from Tableau on it?

i am working on Google Data Analytics Case Study 2

I'm sorry but that tells me nothing. I have no idea what that is. We need an actual description of what you are actually doing in terms of data handling and analysis. What you are doing now is roughly the equivalent of walking into a grocery store and asking a clerk, "How do I cook dinner?".

How will i add a graph from Tableau on it?
No idea, what is Tableau?

Can you show us what you have done so far? See the FAQ in my earlier post.

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