Which test should I use?


I try to find out if there is an influence of the age (1=young, 2=old) on the appreciation of the music style.
Question : Does the age influence the average most appreciated music?

data : https://docdro.id/RHuIDdJ
(i can't upload data as a new user so there is a link to a pdf)

Which test should I use, and how to process with R studio?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Anova! Welcome!

Take a look at this answer to a similar previous question:

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Hi @Anova,

There are multiple tests you can conduct based on your dataset.

  1. My first advice to you is to clean the data and make sure there are no null values(impute the data).

  2. Visualize your data(use basic histograms,scatterplots or boxplots). These are handy in understanding if your data is normally distributed and will give u a basic graphical rep of if an influence truly exists

  3. Check for multicolinearity : if it does exist, Perhaps a PCA or Factor Analysis is appropriate to reduce multicollinearity.

  4. Since, I can not view your dataset, I recommend conducting a t-test and simple linear regression to begin with for checking "cause and effect" = influence


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