while linking github and rstudio git tab not showing

git tab not showing anything i am not able to comit because it is not showing anything .i have followed all the steps correctly .Please help

First, I am sorry you are having issues, you sound frustrated.

That said, simply saying you "have followed all the steps correctly" is not helpful. To me, at least, it sounds slightly aggressive, and you're straightaway cutting off any possibility the solution could be found on your end when, statistically speaking, that's the most likely place for it to be.

Let's try this though and see if we can get some more helpful information.

Very first thing. Look in the upper right-hand corner of your R Studio application. You should see something that identifies the project you are in. If it says Project: (None) that's the problem, you're not working in a defined project, so there's nothing to version control.

If there is a project name listed there, that project is likely not set up in your local git or there is some other git issue. But, let's try something simple to attempt to isolate the problem.

Click on File/New Project, select the New Directory under Create Project, then select New Project under Project Type.

Give the directory a name, doesn't matter what it is, we're just exploring here.

Then, under the text area where the parent directory is listed in the same modal window, make sure the checkbox next to Create a git repository is checked.

Finally, click on the Create Project button.

Now, see if you have a git tab in the Environment pane.

thanku for replying. Yes i am little frustrated sorry for that


I am linking rstudio with github . I followed the required step for the following. When i want to commit that file the git button is visible but it has no file, nothing appears in that .,i am not able to comit because of that. i have installed git and it is working fine ,the loactions of the git.exe is also correct. i am not able to understand the problem

Okay... Well, I'm still not quite sure if you did any of the things I asked, but let's try this...

Try File/New Project then select Version Control the Git, then put https://github.com/elmstedt/kanika into the Repository URL field, and Create Project.

Your git tab should look like this:

it is showing error

I apologize, this is where I have to step aside and leave it to someone more familiar with the intricacies of Git than myself.

A quick Google search indicates you seem to have some non-default options set in your git config file which, if they're there for some important reason, I don't want any hand in breaking.

You might try editing your config file by running git config --global --edit in a git shell, but I don't know enough git to walk you through what the issues might be or how you should fix them, and I'm not equipped to help fix anything we might break along the way.

Sorry again.

This command should fix it $ git config --global color.ui false

incase anyone faces the same problem this comand helps


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