Why do I keep getting this pop-up in Rstudio?

I've been using Rstudio since last Fall for classes, and a month ago I started getting this problem where if I press any of the arrow keys while in the program, I'll usually get a pop-up (or several) redirecting me to this page:

I've asked my professor, I've asked the campus tech support, and I've asked online about it, but no one had even heard about anything like this before. I've been told it has to be a problem with RStudio (I reinstalled it but that didn't solve anything) and that it might be a hotkey sort of thing because one of the keyboard keys is sticking in, but I couldn't figure out which that could be. I don't understand why it suddenly started happening since I was using Rstudio without issues just a few weeks before it started, the only thing I could think of was that I had problems with my laptop getting stuck when I tried to close it shut so I took it in to get repaired in December after classes ended, maybe that would have something to do with any keys getting stuck.

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