Why does my Rstudio always show "Unknown layout"?

Here is an example. (I need these four packages so I library them.)


rules <- apriori(Groceries, parameter=list(support=0.005, confidence=0.5))
subrules2 <- sample(rules, 10)
plot(subrules2, method="graph", control=list(layout=igraph::in_circle()))

And the Rstudio shows that

> plot(subrules2, method="graph", control=list(layout=igraph::in_circle()))
Error: Unknown layout

I do not know what is wrong since I can perfectly run these codes on the R code online website.

Anyone can help me? I appreciate it.

PS: Here is an example: these codes were published online and seem to work. So, it's really weird that my RStudio shows errors.


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