Why I am always getting warning message "data not found". How to overcome this? I am a new user of R

I read the data as follows:

sdata3 <- read_csv("F:/Model Development/Machine learning/Random Forest_Survival/sdata3.csv")

Now when I type the following code, I always get the message that data not found. Any help?

data(sdata3, package = "survival")

Warning message:
In data(sdata3, package = "survival") :
data set ‘sdata3’ not found

The second step where you call data() should be unnecessary. The data should be in the sdata3 object that got the result of read_csv(). After running read_csv(), does


show you a correct summary of the data?

Yes, the summary gives correct summary data. Then if I want to use the package "survival" how should I code that?

If you have already installed the package, you need to run


If it needs to be installed, use the menu Tools -> Install Packages or run


and then run the library() command from above.

Ok. many thanks for your response.

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