Why Termdocument matrix don't count "OK" in text analysis

HI All,

I am new to text minning. I have bunch of comments of some website. I have followed all the text minning rule such as building corpus,lower case conversion,remove number,remove stopwords etc. When i create text document matrix, it is not counting "Ok" as it's common words. so for that, i am not able to show this particular "Ok" word neither into my wordcloud nor a bar plot..

Can you please specify why it is happening? Many people have messaged "Ok" as their comment so i need to show "Ok" into my wordcloud.
do i have to replace "Ok" with other words? or termdocument function has specific rules for that?

Please five some suggestions and advice for that..


It's hard to answer your question without knowing what package(s) and functions you're using, but it's possible that "ok" is a stop word, and, thus could be getting removed as such. e.g. see documentation for TermDocumentMatrix() in the tm package.

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