Why was a background image in xaringan not uploaded to RPUB?

I used the following code lines

class: left

background-image:  url(images/cover_background_2.jpg)
background-size: cover

It's possible that the path to the image file is incorrect. Make sure that the image file is in the same directory as your xaringan presentation or that the path to the image is correctly specified in the CSS code.

Another possible issue could be that the image file type is not supported. xaringan supports jpeg, png and gif image file types.

It's also possible that the file name is case sensitive. Make sure that the file name is spelled correctly and the case is correct.

You can also check that the image is correctly uploaded to your Rpubs account

It's worth trying to change the image path to a file path and then check if the image is being displayed correctly.

If the problem persists, it may be helpful to share the exact error message you're encountering so that we can provide more specific assistance.

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