wikipedia table has observations in wrong column after importing using rvest

Hi folks,

I was looking at the rvest package and tried to use it to scrape this table from Wikipedia List of 5G NR networks - Wikipedia

Here is my code


url <- c("")
wikipage <- read_html(url) 
data_table <- html_nodes(wikipage, "table") 

# pick the second table using pluck from purrr
nr_table <- data_table %>% 
  html_table(header = TRUE) %>%
# fill is now deprecated according to the documentation, so I left the argument (Fill =TRUE) out of the html_table() function.

# when I view the imported table, i notice some observations are in the wrong column. For example Vodafone is now under the country or territory column the same as "n5: 10 MHz(Mar 2021)". This is not correct.

How can I make sure rvest's read_html () function preserves the table structure and observations do not get shifted to the wrong column(variable)?
Thanks in advance.

I now understand why I am having issues with this particular table in wikipedia ("List of 5G NR networks - Wikipedia") -- essentially the html_table() function makes a few assumptions one of them being that no cell spans multiple rows... this is what is causing my issue since I have cells (from the country column) in the wikipedia table that span multiple rows. Based on this new understanding from the documentation, I should be able to find a workaround soon..

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