Will RStudio ever been available on the Mac App Store?

Continuing the discussion from Is an iPad version of RStudio under development? Will RStudio ever be available on the Mac App Store?: I was on Mastodon bemoaning the fact that I found yet another student using RStudio from within the virtual install 'disk' that gets mounted on Macs during installation, and someone brought up the fact that students are probably more familiar with installing apps from the App Store. I see some old questions about whether Posit would consider making an app store version, but I don't see any answers from the Posit team, so I figured I'd revive the question.

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Sorry, as far as I'm aware we have no plans to make RStudio available via the Mac App store. You can open a feature request for this at rstudio issues on github.

We are also not working on a native iPad version. That would require a rewrite of the entire application, and there would still be the issue of getting the R language runtime supported on the iPad (we, Posit, don't own development of the R language itself).