Will the Rmarkdown content will be deployed successfully in R studio-connect even though there is an error caught by purrr::possibly?

I use purrr::possibly() to catch error from ktable function and return a statement.

poss_kable = possibly(kable, otherwise = "Errors occured from Mankendal analysis, no table is generated")

When I knit the Rmarkdwon file after replacing kable() with poss_kable(), I was able to knit the Rmarkdown n my local rstudio server and the intended error I put in does return the statement "Errors occured from Mankendal analysis, no table is generated".

However, after updating the Rmarkdown file in devops, I copied the link and run it in R studio-connect and deployed the content. However, it failed to knit the Rmarkdown due to the intended error I put in.

Does anyone know if possibly() works in R studio-connect and will knit the Rmarkdown just like the at the local rstudio server?

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