will tidyverse migrate to httr2?

Hi, I have been using R increasingly for accessing data via REST APIs. Ingesting plain JSON data over HTTP is handled marvellously by the httr2 package, many thanks to the devs.

As I am developing my analysis skills in R, the packages in the tidyverse are becoming core to my work, and doing a tidyverse_sitrep() I see that httr is included at v1.4.7. Now this is the latest version of the package, but since May in version 1.4.6 Hadley has marked the package as superceded, stating

We recommend using httr2 instead.

I understand that we are at liberty to use both tidyverse and httr2 libraries, and being non-core httr would need loading anyhow, and the very logical naming structure for httr2 means that there is very little risk of confusing which package is delivering any function one is using. I am just raising the question as to whether there is a plan to migrate so that one day the tidyverse is delivering the more current httr2 package?

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